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Three sisters, one destiny - to keep the world safe from demonic forces. With The Power of Three, they'll fight the forces of evil while they try to lead a relatively normal life!


Come and hang out with the Canadian teenagers who always survive no matter what curve ball is thrown at them. A critically acclaimed teen drama that has been around for years in various different spin offs. Now with "Degrassi: The New Generation", it is hotter than ever and has grown in popularity with teenagers and adults. The show deals with real issues and hot topics many other shows wouldn't dare to touch. "Degrassi...it goes there".


Desperate Housewives
Come meet the ladies of Wisteria Lane. Suburbia will never be the same!


You got hooked first season, now let's talk about all that's in store for second season!


Life in the emergency room is never dull! Follow the doctors and nurses of County General Hospital as they are constantly faced with life and death decisions and struggle to save the life of every patient they meet!


The 4400
They were taken. They were brought back. But they are not exactly the same...


Gilmore Girls
Entering Stars Hollow! Lorelai, Rory, Luke and the rest are back with as much wit, sarcasm and tangled love webs as we can handle. Discuss the upcoming season and your favorite GG characters and actors right here!


Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy focuses on young people struggling to be doctors and doctors struggling to stay human. It's the drama and intensity of medical training mixed with the funny, sexy, painful lives of interns who are about to discover that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of grey.


Las Vegas
In this fast-paced, sexy drama, follow the elite surveillance team charged with maintaining the security of one of Sin City's largest casinos.


This isn't your parents' Gilligan's Island. From the man who gave you the shows Alias and Felicity and movies like Armageddon and the upcoming Superman. J.J. Abrams is telling us to get LOST and we can't wait to see where we end up!


A young mother of three and devoted wife, Allison DuBois has a secret that she must keep. She sees what others can't - she sees dead people, she reads people's minds and she premonitions in her dreams. Now she must help the DA solve crimes with the dead to guide her.


This is a show about nothing; however, for a show about nothing, this show has many complex plots, sub-plots, is very well written and put together. So much so that until the public caught onto the series, the television critics were responsible for helping to keep it alive.


he FOX network's most successful series to date was a spin-off from The Tracey Ullman Show. Originally appearing on that series as a 1 minute filler, the executive producers of that series, James L. Brooks & Sam Simon decided that these characters could support a half hour series. So they did it and started the longest running animated series in primetime network television.


The L Word
Follow a group of young women in Los Angeles, their lives, careers, and romantic relationships - both gay and straight. Come join the fun!


The O.C.
Welcome to the O.C. where the waves are perfect and every one looks like they have the perfect life... On the outside. Until one day a new boy named Ryan moves in and he is everything living in the O.C. isn't!


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