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Everwood TV Show - Everwood Television Show
Airs: Thursday 9:00 PM on WB (60 mins)
Status: Returning Series
Premiered September 16, 2002
Show Category: Drama

In its upcoming fourth season, Everwood will continue telling stories to provoke the mind while stirring the heart.
Over the past months, both Dr. Andy Brown (Treat Williams) and his son, Ephram (Gregory Smith) felt the constraints of small-town life. Ephram's restlessness and resentment toward his father saw him flee to Europe. Meanwhile, Dr. Brown's best friend Nina moved in with Jake (Scott Wolf), the town's young hotshot doctor turned entrepreneur. With so much unsettling change, Andy now wonders if his grand experiment of moving to this simple Colorado town has finally run its course. In the year ahead, both father and son will face tough decisions about their future. Ephram's choice is the hardest: forge ahead to new ground, or return to his old life and Amy (Emily Van Camp), the girl he loves. For Andy, it's a matter of trying to begin anew, perhaps in a place far from Everwood.

From executive producers Greg Berlanti, Mickey Liddell and Rina Mimoun. Produced by Berlanti/Liddell Productions, Everwood Utah, Inc. in association with and distributed by Warner Bros. Television Productions Inc.

Marcia Cross has had a varied career in many colorful television series, including 'The Edge of Night,' 'Knots Landing,' 'One Life to Live.'

In 1992, she joined the cast of 'Melrose Place.' Her mentally unbalanced character assured her a memorable place in the pop-culture pantheon. She left 'Melrose Place' after six seasons to get her Master's Degree. In 2002, Marcia returned to TV in 'Everwood.'

She left 'Everwood' after one season to star in the pilot of 'Desperate housewives.' This proved to be a wise career decision, as 'Housewives' became the number one new show of the network television 2004-2005 season. For her role of Bree Van De Kamp, Marcia received critical accolades and several awards and nominations.

Merrilyn Gann

Bit by the acting bug at the age of 14, Merrilyn Gann has been performing ever since. With many roles in television, film and theatre on her resume, Gann returns for a third season as Mayor Rose Abbott - and Dr. Abbott's better half - in the acclaimed Monday night drama "Everwood."

A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Gann is a co-founder of the Northern Light Theatre in Edmonton and Bard on the Beach in Vancouver and has performed in numerous stage productions in many prominent theatres across Canada. Gann is also an avid singer. Along with her sister, Angela, and best friend, Kathy, Gann fulfills her love for singing by performing in her accapella group, Kamerran.

Gann's television credits include guest-starring roles in "Glory Days," "The X-Files" and "Beyond Belief." Film credits include "Heart of the Sun," "Falling In Love...Again" and "Best in Show."

She received her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. When not filming "Everwood" in Salt Lake City, Utah, Gann can be found gardening and spending time with her two sons in Vancouver.

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