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What You Need To Know About The Trumpet

The trumpet is said to have originated from Egypt. In the medieval times, the trumpet was used for military purposes. The players were guarded carefully as they were the only ones who could transfer signals across distances and different section of the troops. By 1830 however, trumpets were also used for music and entertainment.

This was after the invention of the valve. How is it constructed? The trumpet is a brass tube bent into a spiral. The bore is cylindrical. If we look at it closer however, it is a complex series of tapers, smaller at the mouthpiece receiver and larger just before the flare of the bell begins.

The careful design of these tapers is critical to the clarity of the instrument. So how exactly is the sound produced? Well, blowing air through closed lips, producing a buzzing sound into the mouthpiece, produces sound. This is designed with comfort in mind.

Circular in shape, it is easy on the lips. To learn and perfect any instrument, hard work on its principals and techniques is required. The same goes for trumpets. Some of the greatest trumpet players put in hours every day practicing their trumpets on high notes. They also go through many breathing exercises to strengthen their abdominal muscles to take the load of the instrument. For a smooth experience of playing the trumpet, there are some tips that one needs to keep in mind: You must Breath properly By this I mean that the breathing should be from the abdomen and supported with the centralized body weight.

If to much weight or pressure is put on the diaphragm or the group of muscles in the upper part of the body, then bleeding and pain can give a player lot of problems. Control and practice Lips, tongue and facial muscles need to be exercised so that too much pressure is not born by the lips. At all costs, bad habits must be avoided Habits like bad posture, a tense attitude, throat tightening and extra pressure on the mouth piece must be avoided. These habits can cause low playing time and even pain.

To play for any period of time, a trumpeter needs to develop circular breathing. Any other form is not suitable for this kind of instrument. So before taking on trumpet, it is recommended that breathing and other facial techniques are practiced. Today, trumpet is used in nearly all forms of music. Classical, funk, folk and pop all use trumpets to give a glad and joyous note to the music.

Some of the greatest trumpet players include Maurice André, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Jon Faddis and Maynard Ferguson. Since the days when trumpeters were guarded strictly for their value as signalers, this instrument has always been intriguing. It is more so today with different musicians coming out with their method of playing the instrument. New techniques for playing and mastering trumpet are being discovered making the field an exciting and fresh to get into.

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