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The Lil Romeo Success Story

In his foremost occupation as a musician, he has risen in ranks to become one of the hottest hip hop artist's on the planet with already four best-selling albums to his name. He is also one of the most promising talents in Hollywood with remarkable performances in some of the most influential movies and TV shows. His own fashion line is making millions of dollars in profit every year and furthermore, he is a talented basketball player primed for the biggest stage. All these are the achievements of one mere human, and a very young one too.

Lil'Romeo was born Percy Romeo Miller, Jr. on the 19th of August, 1989. He is the son of millionaire rapper and producer Master P.

His debut release "Romeo" was an immediate hit with teenagers and the hit single "My Baby" became the number one song on the US charts for ten whole weeks. Within the next five years, Lil' Romeo released three other successful solo albums and made his mark as one of the most popular hip hop artist's in the world. In 2001, Lil' Romeo marked his official entry into the American music scene with an explosive teenage hip hop album of great popular influence.

This self-titled debut release raced to a top ten position on the US charts and established the talented musician as the youngest ever recording artist to have a number one hit for ten consecutive weeks. The following year, he returned to thrill his fans with a second solo album "Game Time", which expectedly sold platinum numbers and surpassed his previous effort on the charts. Encouraged by the support of his fans, Lil' Romeo continued to find form in expression and demonstrated tremendous maturity both as a growing adolescent and musician in his subsequent albums, "Romeoland" and "God's Gift". As an actor, Lil Romeo had his first big break around 2003 when he was offered the lead role in the Nickelodeon TV show "Romeo". This teenage series became a national hit and major producers began approaching Lil' Romeo to star in their upcoming productions. This resulted in five movies within the next three years in which he delivered some of the most convincing performances known to the silver screen.

From his early years as a child performer to his present status as a teenage idol, Lil' Romeo has remained faithful to his fans, as they collectively explored the ups and downs of teenage life. Now with adulthood fast approaching, you can expect this favorite son of hip hop to bring you to greater heights of entertainment. With a profound interest for entrepreneurship, Lil' Romeo extended his parameters to the fashion business. The apparel line raked in $50 million in sales the first year and is regarded as a major trend-setter for teenage fashion today.

Also, his passion for basketball has brought him many opportunities to play at the highest level, including a stint with the National Junior squad and a call-up for the top training program in the US. Whether in performance or in life, it is beyond the shadow of a doubt that Lil' Romeo is indeed born for success.

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