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LOST - turning into soap opera?
By Nedko Kolev

"Lost" is the newest TV Show which became a mania for many people all over the world. It even made me, a person who barely watches TV Shows, stay in front of the TV night and day watching and waiting for the next episode. Yes the beginning was really thrilling. Every episode of the first season stopped my breath and made me angry that I would have to wait a week for the next one. Well unfortunately the first season ended and then started the second which with every next episode starts to look more like a soup opera. Now I could tell you what will happen after that.

We all know that there are 6 hatches and they are related to the following areas of research: meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, sociology, magnetism and biology. Of course our people are in the magnetic hatch. The problem with the series is that the heroes are quite stupid not to have gotten this. I really believe that there are several Others and I'm quite sure that they do not communicate much between each other. The sociology group takes the so called "good" people and I'm sure as everyone else that Walt is by the parapsychology group. I can't believe that only John from the plane crash has understood all of this stuff. If so, then the other part of the main heroes is so unbelievably stupid, that even I can't imagine it. Other thing that made a great impression to me is why the hell have the script writers made the African-American guys the most brainless creatures in the whole movie (I mean Walt and Michael, and in some part the old lady)???

So let me continue my thoughts about the film... I really can't believe that John could so easily let Henry manipulate him??? He looks like a six year old kid whom you could lie to do some job in the garden for a candy. This really makes the series look like a soap opera.

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