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A Brief History of Schecter Guitars

Schecter Guitar Research is another guitar manufacturer that creates quality guitars for musicians, and they boast an impressive list of professional players who love their instruments. Though the company officially started manufacturing guitars in 1989, they were in business long before that manufacturing replacement guitar parts for guitars such as Fenders and Gibsons. The company also changed ownership in 1989, around the time when they started manufacturing their own guitars. Schecter Guitar Research has its beginnings in the United States. They ve had locations in both California and Texas over the course of the history of their company. However, some of their guitars are currently being manufactured in South Korea, their less expensive models and the custom models, are made in California.

The website comes equipped with a feature that lets you make your customized guitar orders. They also include some interesting examples of custom guitars. In terms of their guitars, they have a certain sound that lends themselves nicely to hard rock and metal music.

Their electric guitars have a heavy, rich tone that the harder rock artists prefer. However, they do have a line of guitars that appeals to both jazz and blues players. Some of their guitars closely resemble certain Fender and Gibson models, such as the Stratocaster (Fender) and the Les Paul (Gibson).

Though the company is small, the actually have a wide range of guitars that appeal to different artists. The types of guitars that are available include their custom models, the Diamond Series, guitars that resemble certain Fender Guitars and Gibson Guitars, and other models. Some of these other models include the 30th Anniversary Edition, the C-Series, the S-Series, the Tempest Series, the Hellcat Series, the Hellraiser Series, the Damien Series, and the Omen Series. For more information on the types of guitars that are available please visit their website.

Artists who play Schecter Guitars include Jerry Horton of Papa Roach, Eddie Veder of Pearl Jam, Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace, Robert Smith and Simon Gallup of The Cure, and Jeff Loomis of Nevermore. For a complete list of artists visit their website. Here is what one person has to say about Schecter Guitars: About the Schecter S-1 Blackjack This sounds just like any SG I have ever played, but even better.

The guitar has some serious tone, the pickups sound awesome. The coil- splitter feature is really cool. This guitar is extremely versatile, you can get some kick ass jazz or blues sounds, and its even a great metal guitar. I play stuff like Alice in Chains, Kyuss, Black Sabbath and its perfect. This is a monster. 10.

Overall, this is the best guitar avaliable for under $700. I have a feeling it would still sell if it was 1000+. Schecter has created one of those hidden gems, you should go buy one of these immediately.

If this guitar was stolen or lost I would buy another one in a heartbeat, or I might try out the Schecter S-1 Elite. I play through a Fender Hot Rod Deville 4X10, with a Boss DS-1, and a Dunlop Crybaby. I am planning on having this guitar for a very long time. Schecter Guitars are a good option for many guitarist.

We recommend you do some more research if you are interested in this fine guitar.

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