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Mary Tyler Moore on That '70s Show
August 24, 2005 at 04:50:00 PM

Legendary TV star Mary Tyler Moore will return to her original Studio City soundstage this fall when she guest-stars on three episodes of That '70s Show.

A visit from Mary Tyler Moore will inject even more nostalgia into <em>That '70s Show</em>.

A visit from Mary Tyler Moore will inject even more nostalgia into That '70s Show.
That '70s Show--which is filmed on the same soundstage that was home to The Mary Tyler Moore Show--has hired Ms. Moore herself for a three-episode guest-starring role in its upcoming eighth season. The episodes will air sometime in early 2006, although exact dates have yet to be announced.
In a nod to Moore's sweet-as-pie Mary Tyler Moore Show character, she'll play Christine St. George, anchor of Point Place's daily news show, What's Up Wisconsin?. Christine, a regular patron of the hair salon where Fez works as a shampoo boy, charms her fans with a sugary persona that vanishes when the cameras stop rolling. When Jackie lands a job as Christine's personal assistant, she quickly discovers that Kitty's favorite local celebrity is far less agreeable than everyone thinks.
Mary Tyler Moore has won seven Emmy Awards during her long and fruitful acting career, which was launched with Moore's turn as Laura Petrie on the 1960s hit The Dick Van Dyke Show. Moore went on to star in her own sitcom, and then took the film world by force with the likes of Ordinary People, Six Weeks, and Flirting with Disaster. She has also appeared in plays such as Whose Life Is It Anyway? and The Gin Game, and in made-for-TV movies like Stolen Babies and Like Mother, Like Son.
Moore will be the third member of The Mary Tyler Moore Show's cast to visit Point Place, as fellow alumnae Valerie Harper and Betty White have already made guest appearances on That '70s Show.

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